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Copywriting ServicesSEO ServicesEditing Services

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Please tell me a bit about yourself and your project, and I will respond ASAP with ideas, an estimated fee, and a projected delivery date.

Copywriting, Editing, and SEO Services

Need quality freelance copywriting that is on time and on budget? Can do. How about optimization services that can improve your Web site's visibility? Leave it to me. Eagle editing eyes to comb your content for grammatical errors? Certainly. Whatever your project may be, if it has words, I can help. Contact me today and fill me in on the details.

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Custom Copywriting

Lights. Camera. Action! On the Hollywood stage that is modern marketing, graphics and design are the lights, your medium (web or print) is the camera, and your words — they're the action.

Although it often gets second billing to eye-catching graphics, copywriting is the real selling power of a web site or advertisement. The equal parts art and science that is copywriting involves delivering just the right combination of words that get readers to take action.

Whether you are developing a Web site, blog, company newsletter, email marketing campaign, or printed brochure, I can provide you with copywriting that hits the mark.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"If you don't exist on the Internet, you don't exist." This maxim still holds true, but these days, people who are in the business of knowing such things take it a step further: "If you aren't search engine optimized, you may as well be invisible."

By employing proven SEO copywriting techniques, I can help boost a Web site's search engine visibility. Whether you are designing a Web site from the ground up or you need to improve an existing site's rankings, let me help you reach your target audience through custom SEO copywriting and analysis.

Editing / Copy Consulting

A copy consultation can address a range of copywriting concerns. From an expert analysis to a copy makeover, a quick grammar check to a thorough proofreading, I offer copy consultation services that tailored to fit each client's specific needs. Read on to learn more about my copy consultation services and how they can help you breathe new life into your project.

Copy Analysis

Most copy consultations begin with a thorough analysis. During a copy analysis, I will scrutinize the written work and discover any problems with the overall strategy, voice, flow, comprehensibility, and other key elements. Depending on my findings and your goals for the project, I'll recommend ways in which we can make the copy better. These may involve subtle tweaks, gentle rewrites, or a full-scale copywriting makeover.

Editing and Proofreading

Even readers who aren't grammar nerds can be turned off by copywriting that is error filled. Grammar problems can compromise flow and readability as well as work against the credibility of the author. Why spend valuable time going through your copy with a fine tooth comb when I can do it for you? My little red pen and I offer editing and proofreading services for copy in any stage of development.

Copy Makeover

Sometimes proofreading isn't all that is needed to take a piece of copy to the desired level. Enter the complete copy makeover. I'll start by analyzing your copy to understand what is working and what isn't. After discussing my findings with you and developing a plan of action, I will rewrite the copy to meet your standards and further your goals.