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Copywriting ServicesSEO ServicesEditing Services

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Why Choose Me?

Marketing professionals choose me because I AM:

Experienced. I have experience writing about diverse subjects, including complex and delicate topics like elective medical care and legal services.

Creative. An education incorporating literature and creative writing has given me a rich creative background from which to draw.

Resourceful. Maybe I should have been a journalist, because I love getting the scoop. I have the skills necessary to find what I need — whether it is information about the next big cosmeceuticals ingredient or the specifications on a new technology — in order to write copy that is well informed and up to date.

Passionate. I'm lucky to love what I do. I am constantly amazed at the power of written words to educate, inspire, and persuade.

Prompt. Even the greatest copywriting isn't worth a second glance if it doesn't meet the deadline.